Q&A: Get to know artist, Qkotecki

Q & A 

Q: I find most of your work hilarious. You definitely portray how you feel about trump. One of my favorites, which is YG riding his cadillac over trump in ode to the FDT song.. Political Artist or Hilarious Artist ? 

A: I would consider myself more of a “hilarious artist” most of my influence for these drawings comes from cartoons and other outlets from my childhood. I love to laugh at pretty much everything, so if I can make people laugh with a drawing or animation, I’m pretty stocked! 

Q: Describe your work using one word?

A: Satirical, like I said I love to laugh at things. So why not make everything into a joke, even the serious stuff I see in the world.

Q: What’s your favorite piece?

A: Its hard to pick one piece. I really enjoy all of them just because I laugh at the process and seeing the whole picture come together. Each piece I do helps me express how I feel about the subject, one piece that I felt did a really good job of this was the piece of the girl taking a picture of her food! 

Q: What superpower would you have and why ?

A: I would definitely choose the ability to fly, that has been my answer to this question ever since I was a kid. I would want this ability so I could go anywhere I wanted to at any time! 

Q: Best Piece of advice you’ve gotten ?

 A: “Do what you feel is real”

Q: What is something you can’t go without ?

A: I really can’t go a day without music. As I was sitting here trying to figure out something, music is the one thing that came to mind. Its such an amazing art form and I draw a lot of inspiration from it! 

Q: What does More Justice mean to you ?

A: More justice to me means people taking it easy more often. I feel like people are too serious all the time and they need to slow down and laugh a little bit. Do yourself some justice and laugh!